3rd Dec 2017- 6:44 p.m.

She got a lot of what they call the most

Some ability to type returning. This makes, I dunno, supporting myself, shall we say, a tad easier. Can also lift a glass of water in my dominant hand now. No longer lying for hours at night wracked with pain. Just some nights. This in itself makes all aspects of life more functional.

Who knew my own body was capable of such betrayal and deception? No doubt, yours is to, but chances are you are in tip top health, and have no comprehension of how quickly the tides can turn. Relish your good health! Relish an absence of pain! Set aside funds for your own healthcare (as, while I do not believe in privatised health insurance, I see the virtue in being able to splash cash on private doctors if you have time-imminent health issues pressing upon you, and the public health system is taking too long).

I don't want to get all preachy about gratitude, because, I'm not Oprah for chrissakes. But....if I've learnt anything in the past year, it's that things can always be worse. If someone asked about my visible issue, and I bitched and moaned, chances are they or someone they knew was experiencing... worse. Health is the great leveller. Crushes most of the distinctions we make about each other, via class, gender, ethnicity, etc.

But fuck gratitude for just one second. As for the stupidly healthy looking lady who asked me to move my things from the PRIORITY DISABLED public transport seat the other night - under my benign military dictatorship, you and your ilk (including all the fit and able-bodied young women in active wear who I regularly find sitting on priority seats - what's the matter diddums, sports injury?! Your active wear rode too high up your clacker?!) would be rounded up and strafed. I'm putting that out into the universe with zero shame, as at the time I was so shocked I moved my bag of bread and even apologised for taking so long to do so with my un-coordinated paws. And commenced sobbing with frustration and pain on my way home.

Strafed, I tells you!

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